Personal Brand Statement

For this week’s tutorial, we were to come up with our own personal brand statement. I found this to be challenging as the method we were to follow had us brain storming objects that define ourselves. For me, I found it difficult to generalize these characteristics into one short slogan. I am a new media artist and former varsity hockey player who enjoys progressive metal music and everything girly, though none of these traits are particularly apparent at first glance. Indeed, I am always surprising new people I meet when they listen to my favourite band for the first time, or when they see me play hockey. I always get the same reaction: “you don’t strike me as that type of person at all.” That’s something I love hearing.

It is for these reasons, then, that my mantra came to be. I have many different interests and traits. In my school and future professional life, I also deal with various forms of media. The answer seemed simple, then. I decided that my mantra should be: “Mixed interests, mixed media.”

I am both pleased and surprised with how well this short statement is able to sum me up, and plan to incorporate it into future endeavours.

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