Google Search Tips and Tricks

I. To search for an exact word or phrase, use quotation marks. “protest the hero”, for example.

II. To search for something on a specific site, use the site: command. For example, tesseract

III. To search for a definition, type define: before the word. For example, define: progressive metal.

IV. To search for a specific product within a specific price range, type the product followed by $priceone..$price two. For example, roland ax7 $500..$800

V. To search for a specific file type, type what you are searching for followed by filetype:(and then the file type you wish to search for). For example, bloodmeat filetype:mp3

VI. If you wish to ignore words in your search, put a ‘-‘ before them. If you wish to include words that Google leaves out because they are common, but they are crucial to your search (ie band name), put them in quotations. For example, between “the” buried “&” me -merch

VII. To find related pages, use the related function. For example,

VIII. To search for synonyms within a topic, type the topic first followed by a ~subtopic. For example, djent music ~concerts

This will yield results that refer to concerts as shows, gigs, sets, etc., within the djent genre.

IX. To find out the time in another country, simply put time before the name of the city or country you are inquiring about. For example, time encinitas

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