Week One: Eyeballs for Access

  1. In this week’s class, we touched mainly on personal branding in the digital world. This focused mainly on presenting the best ‘you’ possible to future employers, bosses, or collaborators who may happen across you within the online world. We also discussed where technology is headed in the future. In particular, we discussed ‘the Internet of Things,’ which is an extremely interesting concept.
  2. Personal branding was of great interest to me as much of the work I plan to do in the future will involve maintaining an impressive image online. Now, as a student, my current online image is not exactly where I’d like it to be. I found this article extremely helpful in pointing me in the right direction in terms how I can improve this image. Geared specifically towards students, I found myself able to relate to many of the topics discussed.
  3. From there, I began to think in terms of how personal branding applied to me in my line of my work. Upon graduation, I will be receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts, and therefore thought it would be beneficial to pursue articles pertaining to the self-branding of artists. I discovered this article, which I find quite interesting and useful. This will definitely prove to be valuable tool for both during the remainder of my time at Ryerson and beyond as I move into the career world.
  4. For me, as an aspiring New Media artist, the Internet of Things most likely has a different meaning than it does for many others in this class. In New Media, we are encouraged to make any and all things talk. We strive to connect and network objects and to put them to use. Sure, this can be applied on a basic level, such as the Web 2.0, but for us, connecting objects is as important as connecting people. It is for these reasons, then, that I have decided to share the work of Steve Daniels. Steve is both a New Media artist and a professor. His background in biology has lead to the inclusion of biomimicry in much of his work. I believe a lot can be learned from his works, in terms of both where we are headed and how we can optimize technology for the betterment of society. It may be a little outside of the box, but I feel there is much value in Steve’s work that helps to explain, make use of, and push forward the Internet of Things.
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