increasing my web page’s popularity

Last class, my group and I researched ways to increase the popularity of our site to make it appear first when our names or our pseudonyms are Googled. What we found was that there are a variety of ways this can be achieved. Some methods we discovered were search engine optimization, the use of meta tags and Google indexing, just to name a few. We recognized that we could improve the popularity of our sites by linking all the rest of our social networking accounts to our web page and increasing the number of hits these other sites received, as well. We also found that there were some not-so-legit ways to improve your site’s popularity, such as Google bombing and spamdexing.

After I had created my website, I began putting most of these methods to use and further looked into ways to increase my site’s popularity. One thing I discovered that I feel should have been obvious but I had overlooked was that I needed to embed a clear title within my HTML coding using <title> and </title>. This was the first step I took towards making my site more well known. After that, I utilized Google indexing first because I’ve heard that it takes a couple of days for things to be processed. Next, I thought of words that I’d like to be associated with my web page and used a meta tag generator to add meta tags into my HTML coding. I considered linking my other online accounts to this new web page, but have not yet created professional accounts and therefore decided to hold off until I had done so.

I knew that it would take time to see results (possibly weeks) and so was not surprised when I searched elizabeth.marygrace and did not see my page at the top of the list. I waited until this morning to post this blog, just in case something changed over night, but so far nothing. If, within the next few days, I see no change, I will begin utilizing more of the methods we discovered, starting with creating other professional accounts and linking them to my new web page.

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