websites, good and bad.

When we were told to find websites that we thought were good examples of effective web design, I immediately went to This is a site I visited frequently in my past and thought it was well built. It was organized, fully functional and aesthetically pleasing. Perhaps my favourite aspect of the site was how the backgrounds interacted with mouse movement. For example, if you were bored you could click to zap aliens or make smiley faces multiply. I thought this was cool because it wasn’t a main feature of the site but simply an add-on. As this was about six years ago, it made the site stand out from other band websites which mainly focused on providing basic information. However, when I went to the site this week, I found that it had been updated and the layout completely changed. While it no longer feature interactive design, it has maintained its organization and aesthetic appeal and now features a more basic design which gives it a functional feel. Although it is much different than it used to be, it still serves its purpose and appears professional. For those reasons, I think this is, while not among the best sites on the web, a good example of simple web design.

This is probably my favourite site on the internet. Not only do I like looking at the shoes, but I love the aesthetic appeal and sense of modernity associated with this site. This site features an intro page that is updated frequently that only requires one click to navigate away. Clicking on the intro page initiates a smooth transition to a simple, interactive home page. From there, it is easy to navigate throughout the site and browse the many styles of shoes. The actual shopping portion of the site features large images of the shoes from multiple angles. It also includes a side-scroll feature, which I find to be a nice change from the usual. The navigation is easy to follow and always utilizes smooth transitions. Instead of an entire page loading and popping up already put together, this site utilizes a sort of change reaction where things appear one after the other. This site is once again simple but I find the simplicity of this site is much more effective than There is nothing overly elaborate about it, but it gives a sophisticated feel while maintaining a sense of functionality.

This is a website that has always annoyed me. Although the web design has improved in the past year, I still find it to be ineffective and unprofessional. The home page features a duo-coloured striped background that is almost hard on the eyes. The graphics come across to me as tacky and childish. As for the navigation bar, it looks like a rip-off of the MySpace navigation bar and does not seem to fit with the theme and colour scheme of the home page. As you navigate through the different sections of the site, the background maintains the same style but cycles through a rainbow of colours. This goes against my tastes as I prefer sites that maintain a sense of consistency in their colour scheme. Each section of the site also features more of the same type of graphics featured on the home page, each one once again coming across as hokey. Several of these graphics contain text boxes in the middle of them, which I find to be very unprofessional. Furthermore, the font in the “Lurk Us” section is much too small and seemingly randomly placed. Instead of creating a site that serves as both a home page and an online store, two separate sites have been built. Therefore, a new tab or window is opened upon clicking on the “Kouture” tab. More alarmingly, upon clicking on the “Music” tab, an error message appears saying that the page could not be found. All in all, I find this page to be highly unprofessional, not well maintained, and simply tacky and ineffective.

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