MPM17 Assignment 1: Web 2.0 Digital Identity – Step 1


1. Googling myself made it apparent that my digital footprint is comprised mainly of sports write-ups. I think this suggests that I not only have experience working in group settings but also contribute to my teams and bring something to the table. My participation in multiple sports teams show that I have dedication and am determined. However, if someone were to search further into social networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace and Youtube, they would learn more about my different characteristics. My Youtube account displays my creative potential as well as my familiarity with communications technology and also displays some of my interests through my “favourited” videos. My MySpace account displays the use of HTML as well as Photoshop and gives a brief overview of my interests. Facebook has a lot to say about me as it has a lot to say about most of its users. This is the social networking service I use the most and is therefore the most up-to-date portrayal of my current life.

2. I would be alright with my teachers and/or potential employers viewing most of the content of my digital footprint. If they were to simply Google me, they would most likely find nothing more than information about my past athletic performances. I would also be fine with them viewing my work displayed on both MySpace and Youtube. However, I would not want them to view all of the content on my MySpace and Facebook profiles, such as the blurbs and photos, because I think some of it is too personal for a teacher-student or employer-employee relationship. That’s not to say that there is anything I am particularly ashamed of on those profiles; I simply feel that a line should be drawn between personal and professional lives.

Google results for Lizz Wood:

“The offensive play of the Royals, led by Bertrand, Finlayson, Lizz Wood and Kaylea Marlowe, picked up after the goal but SDSS just could not find the back of the net to regain the lead.” (

“The Saugeen girls didn’t let the goal affect them as they put the pressure on Kincardine for the next 10 minutes which earned them the equalizing goal. A turnover allowed Liz Wood to break into the 18-yard box down the left wing and she made no mistake as she beat the diving keeper to tie the game.” (

“1 JENNA BAILEY Kdss 5.28m* 10 2 CELINA BLEUMER Cdhs 4.47m 8 3 KATE SARNOVSKY Bpds 4.10m 6 4 SHELBY MIELHAUSEN Bpds 4.05m 4 5 MEGAN SCHNURR Jdss 3.98m 2 6 KATIE WADDINGTON Whss 3.90m 1 7 LIZ WOOD Sdss 3.78m 8 EMILY LAUR Sdss 3.73m 9 NICOLE CRAWFORD Ghss 3.39m 10 KATELYN MACPHERSON Shhs 3.11m 11 ASHLEY HAMILTON Psds 2.97m 12 RACHEL HALPIN Jdss 2.59m Women Triple Jump Senior” (

The MVP award winners are as follows:


Cross country running: Logan Chappell and Cailin McMeekin

Tennis: Sara Godwin

Junior boys’ volleyball: Kevin Bowman

Senior boys’ volleyball: Andy Mitchell

Senior girls’ basketball: Victoria Bertrand

Junior boys’ soccer: Cass Walden

Junior girls’ soccer: Kenzie Bertrand

Football: defensive player of the year – Shane Rafferty; offensive player of the year – Nathan Martin; defensive MVP – Jake Petronski; and offensive MVP – Tyler Bowman

Junior girls’ 7s rugby: Emily MacLeod

Senior girls’ 7s rugby: Anna Shave

Curling: Rebecca Alexander

Nordic skiing: Nicola Caudle

Gymnastics: Emily Laur

Badminton: David Constantinescu

Junior boys’ basketball: Thomas Godwin

Senior boys’ basketball: Phil Roedger

Junior girls’ volleyball: Emily MacLeod

Senior girls’ volleyball: Kristen Marcinko and Becki Angel

Girls’ hockey: Lizz Wood

Junior boys’ rugby: Curtis Cobean

Senior boys’ rugby: Andy Mitchell

Senior girls’ rugby: Vanessa Bennett

Senior girls’ soccer: Kristen Marcinko and Melissa Rodgers

Senior boys’ soccer: Miles MacLean and Jared McCulloch

Track and Field: Midget girls – Christie Robertson; Midget boys – Jayce Dunlop; Junior girls – Emily MacLeod; Junior boys – Kevin Bowman; Senior girls – Caitlyn MacMillan; Senior boys – Jordan Collison

Athletes of the Year: Junior girls – Emily MacLeod; Junior boys – Kevin Bowman; Senior girls – Lizz Wood and Victoria Bertrand; Senior boys: Jordan Collison and Andy Mitchell.

The Junior Letter winners are as follows: Kenzie Bertrand, Kevin Bowman, David Constantinescu, Mike Diamond, Joey Ferensik, Michaela Ferguson, Karissa Finlayson, Aaron George, Josh Kloosterhof, Tessa Lamont, Alex Larson, Braden Lindsay, Kelly Little, Linzi Lyoness, Miles MacLean, Emily MacLeod, Tyler Marcinko, Dave McCourt, Cailin McMeekin, Ziyad Mir, Carrie Oehm, Paul Ponomaryov, Lexie Pullman, Chris Richards, Melissa Rodgers, Melissa Scott, Paul Shimoda, Coleton Shular, Josh Stewart and Danielle Van Ooteghem.

The Senior Letter winners are as follows: Vanessa Bennett, Kristen Marcinko, Jennifer Martin, Tyler Bowman, Jordan Collison, Andrew Kennedy, Brandon Little, Nathan Martin Alex Pilar, Martin Pilar, Phil Roedger and Ben Underwood.

The Honours Letter winners were Victoria Bertrand and Lizz Wood.” (

“The Royals’ best chance came late in the third when Lizz Wood rang a long shot off the post.” (

Kincardine District Knights 41 Saugeen District Royals 19

Marissa Jolley led the Senior Lady Knights with 11 points.

Lizz Wood was the top scorer for the Lady Royals with 8″ (

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